Vegetarian Breakfasts at Azul Monkey – What Makes a Great Veggie Brekkie?

This journal entry was written by Marcus Routledge on, June 5, 2023

If you’re looking for a tasty and healthy vegetarian breakfast in Crosby, Liverpool, look no further than The Azul Monkey.

Tucked away in the trendy suburb of Liverpool, Azul Monkey’s café restaurant offers a cosy ambiance and delicious vegetarian breakfast options that will make your heart sing with joy.

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but what makes a great veggie brekkie? Let’s dive into The Azul Monkey’s menu and find out.

1. The Importance of Protein

One of the key elements of a good vegetarian breakfast is getting enough protein. Although many people automatically associate protein with meat, there are plenty of vegetarian and plant-based options that are high in protein. The Azul Monkey’s menu offers protein-packed vegetarian breakfast options like the Vegetarian Monkey Breakfast, and vegetarian sausages.

2. Get Your Greens In

You have to start your day off right with a green breakfast. Lucky for you, Azul Monkey’s got your back with all kinds of veggies to choose from. Sautéed mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, and avocado – yum! And let’s not forget about the OG: roasted sweet potato. Load up on those antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals so your body can be happy and healthy all day long. Trust us, your taste buds AND your body will thank you.

3. Healthy Alternatives

Hey pancake and waffle lovers! If you want to switch up your breakfast game and be healthy(ish), The Azul Monkey has got you covered as well. We’ve got gluten-free banana pancakes, fancy alternative milks like soya, oat, and coconut, and all kinds of fruity and spicy toppings that will make your taste buds sing. And the best part? These pancakes aren’t your basic boring American-style ones, they’re a totally tastebud-tantalizing unique creation. Top it all off with some fresh fruit and maple syrup, and voila! Deliciousness without the guilt.

4. Indulge in healthy sides

The Azul Monkey offers several healthy sides that pair well with any vegetarian breakfast option. Roasted sweet potato, beetroot tzatziki, and fresh salsa are just a few of the many sides available. These healthy sides can add an additional level of both texture and flavor, which can make the meal much more enjoyable.


In conclusion, The Azul Monkey is the perfect spot for a healthy and delicious vegetarian breakfast. Our menu is packed with high-protein sources, delicious veggies, quality carbs, healthy indulgences, and tasty side options to meet any kind of breakfast craving. With all of these fantastic vegetarian breakfast options to choose from, you won’t miss your meat one bit. So head on to The Azul Monkey and have a delicious and satisfying morning meal that will start your day off on the right foot.

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