Man Vs Pancake Challenge

01st June -31st August

WIN £50 Voucher

Pancakes are the most important brunch breakfast of the day. Are you up for the challenge? Finish a big stack of pancakes in an hour to have your name on our leaderboard for a chance to win a £50 voucher to spend in your favourite breakfast brunch restaurant in Crosby Azul Monkey. The leaderboard will continue throughout the summer; the winner will be announced 1st September.

Complete a stack of 8 buttermilk pancakes drizzled in maple syrup and more in the shortest time.

Located in the heart of Crosby on college road, The Azul Monkey has exquisite decor and a large range of freshly cooked brunch and breakfast favourites.

If you’re in the mood for our mouth-watering pancakes, this is a challenge you can’t turn down.

Win £50 voucher winner announced 1st September

Please book your timeslot online if you want to participate in the Man Vs Pancake challenge. You must give 48 hours notice to book.

We challenge you to eat a huge stack of pancakes in an hour; those who manage to go on our leaderboard for the fastest time and get the dish free, those who don’t pay for the dish at £15.


We have a large selection of Pancakes on our menu. Our most popular buttermilk pancakes are nutella also, our rocky road pancakes are loaded with chocolate, marshmallows, rocky road ice cream & whipped cream, kids love our biscoff pancakes topped with crushed biscoff biscuits and loaded with creamy biscoff sauce, and team Azul Favorite is our beuno pancakes topped with kinder bueno fruit and whipped cream. We have the tastiest and fluffiest buttermilk pancakes in Liverpool If you’re a fan of buttermilk pancakes, you must try.

Terms & Conditions

This challenge is based on an individual basis. The challenge is to eat a stack of 8 pancakes within an hour. You will be able to drink with this challenge at your own cost. The challenge cost is £15.00. If you beat the challenge, you will not be charged. If you do not beat the challenge, you will be charged this amount to cover costs. We will record you throughout the challenge. 

The winners will then go on a leaderboard. The fastest man to complete the challenge will be the winner. This will be announced on 01st September. You must not have any help or share your pancakes during the challenge, you can stop the challenge at any point during the hour, and you will then be charged. The staff will dispose of any additional pancakes not eaten. The management has the right to disqualify any customer we feel is not fairly competing. It is your responsibility to ensure any allergies are disclosed before the challenge. 

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